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Arapuni Swing Bridge

Arapuni swing/suspension bridge, Waikato - New Zealand

The Arapuni Swing Bridge, Waikato - New Zealand

The Arapuni Swing Bridge overlooks the Arapuni Power Station on the Waikato River in the South Waikato District of New Zealand.

The 152-metre (499 ft) suspension bridge was built in the mid-1920s to allow workers from the village of Arapuni to gain access to the power station construction site.

It is free and open to the public and is part of the Waikato River Trails which makes for a great day out for cyclists and walkers alike.

Arapuni Suspension Bridge Information

  • Arapuni is a very small rural town on the Waikato River – population 310 (Census 2021)
  • Distance from Hamilton to Arapuni village is approx 51 minutes or 62 km via State Highway 1
  • Distance from Cambridge to Arapuni village is approx 29 minutes or 37 km via State Highway 1
  • The powerhouse is a reinforced concrete structure 136 m long, 22.8 m wide, and 22 m from water level to roof
  • The dam is 64 metres high from its foundations to the roadway 
  • The water is raised 42.7 m above its original level flowing for approx. 1.2 km
  • You can view the power station from the road or from the swing bridge
  • You can access the swing bridge easily and freely and is part of the Waikato River Trails
  • You can’t go past the popular local eatery, Rhubarb Cafe and is not far from the entrance to the swing bridge


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