Richard Hayes Digital

We are not an Brand, SEO or Web Agency

We work in a world of Agencies promising everyone the moon; however, that’s not our approach. We believe in the power of time and patience to truly enhance your digital assets. If your goal is to boost your brand’s long-term visibility, we’re here to help.

With over 25 years of experience in SEO and web design & development, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building, optimizing, and promoting websites. Our expertise has led us to create some inspiring projects. A highlight in 2024 has been our work on the All Blacks website and the Heartland Rugby Championship, which continues to serve fans today, a testament to our successful approach and the brand agency we collaborated with.

We are consultants...

Most of our work is behind the scenes

We partner with agencies to ensure we deliver quality results. By working behind the scenes, we don’t aim to take over the customer relationship but rather to complement the agency’s efforts. Our goal is to collaborate seamlessly with agencies, leveraging our expertise in SEO and web design to enhance the final product. This approach allows agencies to maintain their client relationships and branding while we focus on delivering the technical excellence needed to achieve outstanding results.

What people are saying...

Travelling is a way to understand your place in the world

Adventure is what New Zealand is all about. It cultivates a love of discovery and a desire to see more, venture out, and experience new sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Whether it’s crossing a fjord in Milford Sound, climbing through the central plateau or making your way up to the beaches of Northland, there’s adventure for everyone.