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TSS Earnslaw, Queenstown

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TSS Earnslaw Video, Queenstown

Standing on the departure pier in central Queenstown, watching the TSS Earnslaw prepare for departure to Walters Peak. This steamship is one of the world’s oldest & largest remaining coal-fired steamships and has sailed Lake Wakatipu since 1912. She will take you to the Walter Peak High Country Farm on Lake Wakatipu.

Having been on board many times and having done the sailing – she gives you the feeling of stepping back in time. You can imagine being part of the glory age of sailing ships as you sit in the main cabin and hear the steam engines toiling away. Or perhaps we wish life was a bit more romantic.

While cruising Lake Whakatipu, you get magnificent views of the Remarkables mountain ranges and Cecil Peak. If the weather permits try to get out on the deck you feel the wind and the view is much better from the deck.

The TSS Earnslaw is an iconic landmark of Queenstown and a must-do for anyone travelling to New Zealand.

Click here to watch a video that was taken onboard the Earnslaw in 2016. As you can imagine, not much has changed in 6 years, the same steamship, the same mountains and the same lake. But just as beautiful – personally, I think the trip is best done in winter, so you see the snow-covered mountains that define Queenstown.

Information on TSS Earnslaw, Queenstown

  • The iconic steamship, one of the world’s oldest & largest remaining coal-fired steamships and has sailed Lake Wakatipu since 1912
  • The Steamship was built by J.McGregor and Co. in Dunedin
  • The Earnslaw was named after Mount Earnslaw, a 2889-metre peak at the head of Lake Wakatipu
  • Her maiden voyage was on 18 October 1912
  • She is known as the “Lady of the Lake”
  • The Earnslaw is the only hand fired passenger carrying steamship in operation in the Southern Hemisphere
  • The Steamboat is one of the star attractions of Queenstown

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