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Spring skiing at Mt Ruapehu 2023

Spring skiing at Whakapapa ski field, Mt Ruapehu 2023

A spring skiing adventure to Mt Ruapehu promised much as we journeyed to the mountain. The mountain’s sun-touched slopes transform in spring; the snow becomes corn snow (or “hero snow”). It’s a time that all skiers and snowboarders love when the skiing gets easier, or so it seems.

Spring skiing at Mt Ruapehu takes skiing to a whole new level

Spring skiing is a more laid-back and leisurely skiing experience

The snow conditions during spring on Mt Ruapehu are a magic mix of firm groomed trails and softening snow. The mornings start with a crisp layer of snow prepared by the groomers overnight, offering the joy of carving through smooth, well-defined runs. It’s a good warm-up for the main event – the corn!

Spring skiing on Mt Ruapehu is pure joy

As the day progresses, the sun’s rays warm the snow, gradually transforming the texture beneath the skis. The once firm and compacted snow takes on a more forgiving quality, “smooth and soft,” creating a free-flowing surface for skiers and snowboarders.

This softer snow allows for easier turns and an overall smoother descent. As a skier, this is one of the reasons you ski; that feeling of weightlessness as you glide over the spring snow is pure magic!

About Mt Ruapehu

Ski and ride in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island at two epic ski areas – Whakapapa and Tūroa Ski Areas – spanning 1050 hectares. Long, gentle slopes and premier beginner facilities entice first-timers to the maunga (mountain), allowing them space to turn and stop at their own pace.

More advanced skiers and riders rejoice in accessible free-ride terrain, with natural bowls, wind lips, and many cliffs and shoots.

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