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Will generative AI impact search?

Absolutely! Generative AI will impact search in a dramatic way. It will forever change the way search queries are delivered to users.

The new 2024 generative AI advancements will allow search engines like Google, Bing, and Microsoft to understand topics faster, compile answers, and fulfil users’ requests at lightning speed. All under the Search engines brand.

Will search users see the effects of generative AI?

Yes, search users are already starting to see the effects of generative AI.

The new generative AI technology allows search engines to understand natural language and user intent better. This means search results can be more relevant and informative, often providing summaries of information directly on the search page alongside links to traditional websites.

See the below animation from Google search query  to see a demonstration of this in action.

Googles new generative AI - illustration of how it looks

The use of AI to generate answers for search queries is exciting

It will revolutionise how we find information.

Imagine searching for a complex topic like “climate change.” AI could analyse mountains of data and present you with a clear, concise summary of the issue, including causes, effects, and potential solutions.

The generative AI's personalised approach will make searching more efficient and productive.

This potentially will save you time and effort wading through countless websites.

Additionally, AI should tailor the results to your specific needs. For example: If you’re a student needing basic facts, you’ll get different answers than a researcher looking for more in-depth information.

What does this mean for your organic Search results?

However, it’s important to remember that generative AI is still under development, and search results may not always be perfect.

We believe at the moment that Google is only partially deploying SGI for lower rating search queries.

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