What is website management?

Enhance the value of your website
Many businesses do not truly understand the value of their website and how it assists them with their marketing objectives. 

By undertaking online website management which includes reviewing your website content, web search engine placement, traffic results (Google Analytics), technical issues and online marketing, enhances the value of your website by constantly ensuring it stays relevant and technically up to date.

Online content should be focused on making the customers’ and administrators’ experience seamless and easy to use. In many cases this is not achieved when initially designed and constructed.  The website design brief is usually a speculative document based on assumptions made by the business owner.

Most often, the only way to get this information is to research historical data once the website has launched. This is where I can assist – I manage and measure everything from the website and online campaigns in order to continuously improve processes consequently improving the success of your website. 

Your website should form part of an integrated business strategy. 

Online Web Management includes:

Content Development:
This is important for the customer experience, the website must have great content to entice the customer to revisit/use the website. Great rankings on search engines will not give you return traffic – good content will. This is especially important for Social Media, where it is all about the message.

Search Optimisation:
When the website is created a lot of the basic search optimisation tools are built like title tags, meta tags and keywords in web pages. This is only part of the equation, search engines require new and fresh content written for their target audience. This determines how and where they will rank the website.

Customer Experience:
By focusing on web management and reviewing historical reports, you continuously learn what the customer actually wants, then tailor the website content to provide this. I can show you a report that demonstrates this provided by Google.

Administrator Functionality:
For web management it is imperative that the administrator reviews, updates and improves the website daily – weekly at the minimum. Providing customers with specific and well written, knowledgeable content will enhance their experience. By constantly updating the front end (customer side), new services and products can be developed based on a greater understanding of how the website works. For example in the admin section you can create tools to automate tasks. Posting to Twitter/Facebook can be an automated task.

Continuous reviewing and researching of business topics is important for making you a market leader. This also applies to website optimisation and content reliability. When providing products that are not well known in New Zealand or Australia, it important to provide accurate and relative content to make the product more familiar to the customer.

Web Marketing:
This encompasses exterior influences on your website. What are your customers other options for purchasing your products -ie -your competition?

Creating new customers, retaining existing customers and getting your message out into the market, whether online or offline, is important for  growth! 

It’s all about performance.

Please note: On search optimisation there are many businesses, online tools and programmes that can help with search rankings. In this proposal I am being non-specific to demonstrate the importance of the issue.