Live more with less energy

We are pleased to announce that RHD has joined Genless as we believe that we should embrace a lifestyle that uses less energy, to help halt climate change.

We have reduced our car size, monitored our energy and are looking into solar for our workplace.

Gen Less is a lifestyle choice.
A decision to start getting more
out of life by using less energy.

It’s the first generation anyone can join, regardless of age.

It unites individuals, organisations, businesses and the government in New Zealand to live and work in more climate-friendly ways.

And by being in Genless, you are choosing to take meaningful, ongoing action to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from energy use.

Because if we’re going to stop climate change, we need to do it together.

Watch their video below, it’s very cool.

About the Author

RHD is proud to sponsor Climate Impact - We are a bit concerned with the direction of our world. Time to get a voice, speak out and act for climate change.