Making sustainable changes this holiday season

sustainable changes

Making sustainable changes doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favourite traditions! It’s actually a lot easier than you think, and in most cases a lot cheaper. We’ll be sharing our top three tips for creating an eco-friendly Christmas, that are fun, easy and thoughtful.

sustainable changes Tip #1: Buy local NZ made gifts

Buying New Zealand made gifts minimises your carbon footprint due to no air-travel or long-distance transportation, and it boosts our economy! We love: an NZ marketplace where you’ll find fantastic eco gifts for everyone!

sustainable changes Tip #2 Opt for eco wrapping

Did you know most traditional forms of wrapping paper are not recyclable? Glitter, plastic coating and certain dyes prohibit wrapping paper from being recycled. Opting for more eco-friendly options like brown recyclable paper, jars, tins or fabric wraps made from old clothes, tea towels or scarves.

These sustainable changes options are not only better for the environment, but make uniquely beautiful christmas presents. Decorate with twigs of rosemary or pohutukawa wrapping to add a touch of festive joy!

sustainable changes Tip #3 Make your own cards

We get it, Christmas cards are great to give and receive but aside from keeping the very touching ones, majority of them are thrown out just a short time after being received. This Christmas, why not make cards out of the ones you received last year? Or use a child’s artwork, or your own artistic skills to create a unique and thoughtful Christmas card