Take Action for climate change?

PLASTIC POLLUTION – 5 Ways you can help tackle it.

A great article from Earthday Blog on plastic pollution. We are going to implement as many of these into our 2020 goals. The use of plastic in our world is staggering — we as humans have created some 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic, the equivalent 800,000 Eiffel Towers.  Plastic pollution is a problem because of its long-lasting effects — this petroleum-based, man-made material never fully degrades. According to estimates by...

Making sustainable changes this holiday season

Making sustainable changes doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favourite traditions! It’s actually a lot easier than you think, and in most cases a lot cheaper. We’ll be sharing our top three tips for creating an eco-friendly Christmas, that are fun, easy and thoughtful.

We need to take action

The problem of climate change and pollution seems to be an issue that we feel needs to be solved by our government & international bodies. However that is not the case pollution and its climate effects will be solved by the many.

We cannot sit around and wait for this to be solved for us we must take action, because in case you haven’t noticed we have been sitting around for decades already and look where it has us now.

Governments cannot solve this problem, they cannot pass laws or tax you that will make you stop polluting.

This is a decision you have to make for you and your families. We at Climate Impact want to help you start this journey as we have. This page is all about the small things we can do to make a difference so please read and enjoy.

Plant trees to help stop CO2 emissions

What better way to give back to the environment than planting a tree?

For just $10, you can help offset our carbon emissions and take one step closer to restoring the natural world around us.