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Stirling point is a scenic landmark on the southern coast of New Zealand’s South Island in Bluff, Southland. The Point marks the entrance to Foveaux Strait and the start of the Southern Ocean. It’s located at the second southernmost tip of the South Island; few people realise that Slope Point is the southernmost point of the South Island. See our article on Slope Point. But to be honest, it’s not important. It’s more about the Signpost than the actual location.

You can visit several attractions at Stirling Point, including the lighthouse (located before the signpost – on the headland), Stirling Point AA Signpost and a chain sculpture. The chain sculpture represents the unbreakable bond between Bluff and its sister city Oban, located on Stewart Island. The chain is mirrored on Stewart Island, on our bucket list for the next trip to Southland.

The Stirling Point Signpost is a popular attraction that indicates the distance from Bluff to major international cities like New York, London, Sydney, and Tokyo. When you visit the Signpost, you will see its popularity. It’s a perfect spot for clicking photographs, uniquely connecting travellers with New Zealand.

Visiting Stirling point in Bluff is a unique experience that will leave you with lifelong memories and many Instagram-able photos.

Every time we visit Invercargill, we always make a trip to visit both Stirling Point and Bluff Hill. The weather changes are dramatic, and sometimes it’s better to see when it is extreme.

To get there from Invercargill is a 25-minute trip by car and is an easy drive. You travel through Bluff town to Sterling Point following the main road – you can’t miss it. Once you have been there, we recommend venturing up the hill to Bluff Hill Lookout – the view is spectacular!

The point is named after Captain William Stirling, who established a Whaling Station nearby in 1836.

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