Ski Mt Hutt, Canterbury

Ski Mt Hutt, we arrived just after a July snowstorm

Arriving in Methven days after a significant snowfall. Mt Hutt had received 70cm of snow, and we thought it would make for an epic day’s skiing. However, the clouds had closed in, making it a pretty misty and windy day on the mountain. We had limited success battling the weather conditions and limited visibility, and with many skiers on the single-run open, it made for, shall we say, an interesting day. Despite this, the snow was fresh, chalky, and light. Regrettably, due to the weather, only the eight-seater was operating.

But then came the last two runs of the day; the six-seater had been closed for the morning due to high winds. At 3 pm, we decided to try our luck to see if the weather had improved. As we reached the top of the chair, we thought it was going to be yet another misty run down; little did we know that 30 metres in, the weather had cleared, and wow, what a run it was… the snow was fresh, we had the run to ourselves – it was terrific! We were whooping and hollering like five-year-old kids.

It was so good that we managed to catch the six-seater again for the final run, this time with only two people. That was the highlight of the day. I finished the day with a huge adrenaline rush. When you get snow like that, you are always keen to return. See you next time Mt Hutt. The point is, you can’t guarantee the weather, so make the most of the conditions and enjoy yourself.

What we like about Mt Hutt, besides consistent good snow conditions, is the layout; the ski field is located in an upper mountain valley that forms a central bowl with high valley walls. The main lifts are straight ahead of you from the base cafe, so it’s easy to access the eight-seater; if you see a large crowd, don’t worry. It’s a crowd muncher – the line moves rapidly, the six-seater and Towers Triple Chair (to the left). This opens up the whole bowl to see where you want to ski or snowboard.

We are not talking about the off-terrain skiing or South Face; they are hidden from view; you can explore these yourself – these runs are all expert (Black diamond). But not today for us with no visibility!

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