Sir David Attenborough praises plastic-free Glastonbury Festival

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Sir David Attenborough praises plastic-free Glastonbury Festival

Sir David Attenborough has made a surprise appearance at Glastonbury Festival. The renowned UK broadcaster and historian, 93, thanked attendees for making the music festival plastic-free.

There are legends, then there is David Attenborough

Richard Hayes

He said: “There was one sequence in Blue Planet II which everyone seems to remember. It was one in which we showed what plastic has done to the creatures that live in the ocean.

“It had an extraordinary effect, and now this great festival has gone plastic-free. It means more than a million bottles of water have not been drunk by you in plastic.”

Sir David also previewed part of his new BBC television series Seven Worlds, One Planet, before Australian singer Kylie Minogue was due to perform.

By Richard Hayes

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