Should I take ski lessons when I'm learning to Ski?

Yes, there are certain techniques that can make a big difference in improving your skiing or snowboarding skills. You see, some of these moves aren’t immediately intuitive. So, why not learn from the pros? It’ll make your skiing a whole lot better!

Lessons are advised for anyone new to skiing. Group or private lessons help you learn the sport at a pace that you are comfortable with, how to stay safe on the slopes, and give you the confidence to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Ski lessons can help you progress faster and make the most out of your time on the mountain.

The real bonus with a lesson is you learn with other skiers of the same ability, usually in a group – this makes learning to ski or snowboard less daunting and much more fun – especially if it is your first time!

Many ski resorts offer lesson options to fit your skill level and schedule. Below, we have listed the ski lesson options available on New Zealand’s ski fields.

Ski lessons available on New Zealand ski fields

Cardona Alpine Resort


Lessons for all abilities. From first timers to advanced, park and off-piste.


Help your kids learn with the perfect mix of fun and adventure at Cardrona.

Private lessons for Cardona Alpine Resort

Coronet Peak


Learn to ski or snowboard with our instructors or take your skills to another level.


Open to all abilities, from first timers to experience skiers and boarders.

Private lessons for Coronet Peak

The Remarkables


We offer lessons that will show you the ins and outs of The Remarkables Ski Field.


Help your kids have a great day in the snow and improve their skills along the way. 

Private lessons for The Remarkables

Treble Cone


Take your skills to the next level; there’s a Treble Cone ski lesson package for you.


Help your kids learn with the perfect mix of fun and adventure at Treble Cone.

Private lessons for Treble Cone

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