Is climate change real? Should you be concerned about it?

Are we in full climate change?

Is climate change something we have created as the “human race,” or is it a natural phenomenon getting blown out of all proportion?

Personally, I am not sure – so join us as we look to investigate the science (and myths) about climate change 2019 and onwards. It is tough to believe what you read, hear or see with much of the science being skewed to benefit certain causes or create certain messages. We are not saying they are incorrect – but let’s examine the issues and make our own conclusions.

So where to begin on Climate change?

We will go back to the basics of climate change by looking at CO2 emissions. What are they? (we’ll look at the breakdown of our atmosphere and what part CO2 plays), How are they building up? What effects do they have now and then in the future? And finally, the most important question: Are CO2 emissions causing global warming?

Another important question that we will really try to answer is in regards to the relationship between CO2 and temperature, is there a direct correlation between the “greenhouse effect” and the rising temperatures of the planet, or is the scientific community making assumptions that rising CO2 is driving the temperature up? Could it be that our planet is going through a cyclic temperature change, therefore creating more CO2 along the way? We can look back to historical data and trends to see any emerging patterns.

Then we will look at the world’s population growth. How do more people in the world change the dynamics of climate change? What is the formula for population vs. CO2 emissions, and how can we change this equation?


Then we will look at pollution, which we think is our biggest problem facing the human race today. How has pollution changed our planet and the way we live? How can we fix the issue of pollution?

Finally, we will ask the big questions: Is climate change preventable, or has it already passed the “tipping point”? How can we help change things, or are the problems bigger than us and need to be fixed by governments?. What should we do to stop climate change?

So visit us every so often or join our mailing list, and we will try to provide discussion points and hopefully some answers along the way.