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Global ocean plastic pollution: how it affects all life.

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Article from Thomas Collins, Active Scuba on plastic pollution in our oceans. We love these types of articles written by businesses who are worried about the environment they work in, in this case, the ocean. It is inspiring to read their articles and see businesses, large & small, bringing about awareness and change.


Our oceans are polluted and full of plastic. Regardless of its source, plastic pollution has a devastating impact on marine life. Our very life source, that holds so much wonder. So much yet to be explored and so much opportunity for our future. Along with our day to day activities whether that is for work or for fun. The ocean has such a deep impact on all our lives. Yet we are the ones responsible for damaging so much of this precious ecosystem that we rely on. I want to take you through the damage that has been caused. The impact on humans and what we can all do to improve this serious problem.

Ocean In Distress

When we think of public health risks, we may not consider the ocean as a factor. But the health of the ocean is intimately tied to our health. One sign of an ocean in distress is an increase in beach or shellfish harvesting.  Intensive use of our ocean and runoff from land-based pollution sources. Are just two of many factors that stress our fragile ecosystems. These increasingly lead to human health concerns. Waterborne infectious diseases, harmful algal bloom toxins & contaminated seafood. Along with chemical pollutants are other signals. As we can threaten our ocean’s health, so, too, can our ocean threaten our health. And it is not public health alone that may be threatened. Our coastal economies, too, could be at significant risk.

Plastic Pollution Has Put Our Oceans At The Brink Of Disaster

Every year more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans. But how does this pollution affect humans and what can we and should we do to stop this?

Plastic and other forms of pollution are ending up in our marine life, and it’s making its way into our food chain. The ocean is full of an endless array of potential food sources for ocean creatures. Everything from microscopic plankton all the way up to giant squid and whales. Are used as potential food for a hungry member of the food chain.


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