Covid-19 cases worldwide reach 3 million


Covid-19 (coronavirus) has now infected 3 million people around the world, with the global death toll more than 200,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

The true toll is believed to be much higher, because of inadequate testing, differences in counting the dead, and efforts by some governments to conceal the extent of their outbreaks. The number of dead in the US reached about 55,000 — close to the 58,000 US troops killed during the Vietnam War.

Italy, Britain, Spain, and France accounted for more than 20,000 Covid-19 deaths each. Many governments are working on mobile virus-tracking apps and other technology, keen for automated solutions to the time-consuming task of tracking an infected person’s contacts.

In Australia, which has had about 80 Covid-19 deaths, 1.1 million of the country’s 26 million people downloaded a new contract-tracing app within 12 hours of its becoming available.

New Zealand currently stands at: 1469 infected cases.

Source: Associated Press and Onenews

  • China has reported three new cases (two overseas cases and one from Heilongjiang) and no new deaths.
  • Germany has reported 1,018 new cases and 100 deaths.
  • India has confirmed a total of 27,000 cases and 872 deaths.
  • Malaysia has reported 40 new cases, bringing the total to 5,820. 95 patients were discharged, bringing the number of recoveries to 3,957. Malaysia reported one new death, bringing the death toll to 99.
  • The Netherlands has reported 400 new cases, bringing the total to 38,245. Dutch authorities have also confirmed 45 deaths, bringing the death toll to 4,518.
  • New Zealand has reported five new cases (one confirmed and four probable). Six previous cases were also rescinded, bringing the total down to 1,469 (1,122 confirmed and 347 probable). NZ health authorities have also reported 38 new recoveries, bringing the total to 1,180. One further death was reported, bringing the death toll to 19.
  • Pakistan has reported 605 new cases and a total of 281 deaths.
  • The Philippines has reported 198 new cases, bringing the total to 7,777. The country has reported ten new deaths, bringing the death toll to 511.
  • Singapore has reported 799 new cases, bringing the total to 14,423. Another two deaths were later confirmed, bringing the total to 14.
  • South Africa has reported a total of 4,546 cases and 87 deaths.
  • Spain has reported 331 new deaths, bringing the death toll to 23,521.
  • Thailand has reported nine cases and one death, bringing the total to 2931 cases and 52 deaths respectively.
  • Ukraine reports 392 new cases and 11 new deaths, bringing the total numbers to 9,009 and 220 respectively; a total of 864 patients have recovered.

Source: Wikipedia 27 April 2020.