About Climate Change & Pollution

We have the power today to change tomorrow!

Small steps in our actions towards climate change and pollution will make big strides in saving our environment.

Whether we like it or not, what we do affects our world.

Why should we not live harmoniously with our world? We don’t need to destroy our planet’s resources to create the civilisation we know today.

We are foremost about climate change and pollution issues

Like most businesses, profitability and market share are essential; therefore, we, as part of a growing trend of companies worldwide, are investigating sustainable practices to achieve our business goals. However, we will not avoid the prominent climate change issues of today that need our attention.

Who is Richard Hayes Digital and why do we care about climate change and pollution?

So why do we care about environmental issues that we all facing around the world?
The answer is very simple, we are starting to see dramatic changes in our weather, oceans, forests, and even our cities and have started to ask why? What is climate change all about? is it real? is the problem too big? And what can we do about it as a small voice in a very large world.

We have decided to try and make a small difference in any way we can by getting our voice out there. We can see changes in climate change and pollution – It’s time to act now!

We are a small business based in Cambridge, New Zealand that has been been working in design & video, with a focus on the web for over 25 years. In that time we have been lucky enough to be involved in various projects, including The All Blacks, New Zealand Educated, PSC, Cigre, and our website See New Zealand.

Our planet has unbound beauty, which we are destroying quickly; we must find better ways to stop polluting our planet.
Richard Hayes
Co-Founder, RHD & See New Zealand.